The creation of the so-called "Titov's list" became an unexpected and pleasant surprise. The representative for the Rights of Entrepreneurs, Boris Titov, has composed a list of businessmen forced to seek refuge abroad after being prosecuted by Russian law enforcement on questionable criminal cases, which are worth reconsidering. The list was presented to the President of Russia. It contains 16 people, including me - Konstantin Dyulgerov.

"These ex-businessmen all have similar stories: they managed to leave the country before they were imprisoned. Some have lived outside Russia for 20 years, with even the Interpol already excluded them from the wanted list. Yet in their Motherland the cases against them still exist", said the business representative. "Our main goal is to "look into the eyes", to determine the further steps to ensure their legal protection and their further return to Russia", stressed Boris Titov. Also, according to the business ombudsman, he is only going to defend those entrepreneurs, whose cases were actually unlawful and initiated with the single purpose to take away their business. Moreover, even if the entrepreneur has indeed violated something, it pointless to put him in jail. For the country's economy, it is much more profitable if he compensates for the caused damage in double or triple size, and then continue to do business, pay taxes and create jobs.

This information has been quickly spread by many media outlets, including those with an undoubted authority - TASS, Interfax, RIA Novosti and others. In a separate note, I would like to thank RBC, who managed to find my contacts and provide me with the opportunity to express my opinion.

When I turned to Boris Titov with a plea for help, I did not even hope for such outcome. It was highly unexpected for me to get into the "Titov's list". Boris Titov has personally met with some of the businessmen. It is known that these meetings took place in the UK, but I do not live there and never attended any of them.

It is worth attention that the Administration of the President of Russia has already received "Titov's list". “The administration has received the list yesterday. It is going to be examined by the relevant divisions of the presidential administration, involving the consultants from those law enforcement structures which at the certain period of time had questions to the citizens from the list", Peskov told reporters. He noted: "Of course, there can be no general approach here: every case is unique, everyone deserves some attention, in order to understand what has really happened. Why and for what reason a certain person does not live in Russia, and how to deal with it".

As I've already told the reporters from RBC, my lawyers had previously appealed to the coordinator of the business ombudsman Boris Titov with a petition, stating that we are asking to cancel the order for my arrest so I could return to Russia and sort out my case and hold an investigation. We do not ask to cancel the case itself. My case in Russia is a pure property dispute, at maximum, and certainly not a crime!

But there are certain people interested in my persecution. Namely, the former general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the tax police Nikolay Brykin, now a deputy of the State Duma and a representative of the State Duma in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. It was Nikolai Brykin's son-in-law, who took the registered share in the authorized capital of one of my companies, which was simply a tribute to the power-hungry "protectors". Putting it more precisely, extortion, under the threat of a complete destruction of my business. When I refused to pay this tribute, I was accused of trying to steal a share of Brykin's son-in-law. Later, an alleged attempt to bribe witnesses has been added to the list of charges against me. They were opening and closing the criminal cases, committing a huge number of violations, and as a result, the materials were not sent to the court. Yet they put me on an international wanted list! You can find more details in the articles under the "Press" section.

All my attempts to defend myself were crushed by a corrupt system. In the numerous appeals to various authorities, I provided the arguments that clearly proved my innocence. However, each time I faced a wall of indifference, inattention and even outright criminal negligence of members of law enforcement bodies, whose actions are exclusively prosecutorial.  In the end, all my appeals resulted in a short formal reply or even were completely ignored.

As practice shows, when the President of Russia is informed about the issue, it is usually resolved very quickly. Indeed, I would like to put an end to this nonsense, in which I found myself involuntarily involved. I really hope that the initiatives of Boris Titov will be met with a close attention and they will not turn out to be just another pre-election chatter.

On the connection with the opposition and its financing

Some media now claim that I provided financial aid to the non-systemic opposition in Russia. In reality, the assistance that I provide is difficult to call financing. Rather, it is a voluntary financial support to the politically active people who need it. In addition, my help was in the general order. That is why I was on the Sakharov Square and on Bolotnaya Street along with the other simple supporters of the opposition, people of completely different occupations and ages. I have always stressed that my opposition beliefs is exclusively a civic position, not political activity.

I've never run for an office, did not promote or supervise any candidates. I'm a businessman and I'm far from politics, but I do not like many of the processes taking place in Russia. I honestly and openly speak about the changes that Russia needs. Unfortunately, I do not know the Russian opposition leaders in person, but I think we would have something to talk about or even argue.

Despite this, many continue to believe that I engage in political activities. There are also those who start slinging mud at me and calling me names, without getting even slightly acquainted with my story and my case. Let it remain on their conscience. I recommend those interested in details of my story to read the section "Press" in my blog. All my misadventures are outlined there in details and chronological order.

The recent events gave me new strength to continue the fight for my honest name. I would like to thank everyone who is not indifferent to my struggle!