There is a saying “Why do you see the speck in your brother's eye but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?”. What if we put a warhead instead of the beam, or three of them? Russian politicians love to criticize their “foreign partners”, while their subordinate media even turn this to a point of an absurd. Some even say that the Queen of England is an extraterrestrial Reptilian humanoid. In the meantime, they prefer not to notice many of the important things happening in Russia. As it happened with this story.

Once again, the Army's consciousness, organization, and security explicitly showed itself. On August 10, 2017, in Chita, two not very conscious citizens on an old Gazel truck, dragged three heavy military blanks to a scrap metal merchant, hoping to earn some extra bucks. Apparently, they did not realize that those were not just blanks, but the warheads of the Soviet S-200 “Angara” anti-aircraft missile system.  (Wikipedia) Imagine three powerful warheads left alone! But it has become clear only after the tragedy. Unaware of the danger, the workers began to dismantle the warhead for scrap, which caused a powerful explosion. The remains of the scrap metal yard scattered the surrounding area. Two people got killed and one wounded.

It is well known that such scrap metal yards operate semi-legally, and are “protected” by the low-rank siloviki, usually district police officers or employees of the local police department, who close their eyes on the legality aspect. These “merchants” do not mind taking scrap metal of doubtful origin, for example, sewer hatches, high-voltage wires, fences, and poles. But to randomly drill a warhead, which appearance and purpose are clearly recognizable and shout about the danger, seems a bit extreme.

Anyway, we would like to express our condolences to the relatives of the deceased. Of course, people do something like this not because they have a choice.  The general poverty and gradual decrease of income for the four years in a row, makes people look for any additional earning.

But how did the glorious Russian army allow the loss of such ammunition? The story demonstrates abandonment, connivance, and negligence. It needs detailed investigation involving high-ranking commanders up to the Defence minister himself. Otherwise, there might be a day when another semi-legal scrap merchant will start sawing a nuclear-charged warhead.