Shortly after my statements about corruption in the KhMAO, I started to get into trouble. Apparently, they decided to intimidate me and "shut me up" before the election of the mayor of Nizhnevartovsk. I specify, that I did not have any commercial disagreements prior to that, so the reason is obvious - my statements about corruption in the region. News about the fires and their cause has been published by many media outlets, below I cite one of these articles.

Nizhnevartovsk authorities initiated demonstrative executions of businessmen!

The official results of the investigation of the fire in the warehouse owned by ZAO Special-Elektronik have become known. The fire happened on February 11, 2009 in Nizhnevartovsk, with the area of more than 2000 square meters burned. The owner of the company is a local businessman, Konstantin Dyulgerov.

According to official information, the fire occurred as a result of arson committed by unknown individuals with the use of flammable liquid. The amount of damage is estimated at more than 45 million rubles.

It is noteworthy, that this is not the first strange fire involving the property of large entrepreneurs recently. There were similar incidents with other businessmen earlier. Most of the victims associate the incident with the actions of local authorities, who intimidate businessmen in such a bandit way. Fires are by no means accidental since they only affect the businessmen who can, in one way or another, influence the upcoming elections.

Warehouses continue to burn. Those responsible have not been found. You can hardly suspect the entrepreneurs in mass-arsoning their property. Apparently, this way they are being told that they cannot support independent candidates, go to politics themselves or even make loud statements against local authorities. Interesting, that the head of Nizhnevartovsk – Boris Khokhryakov has already managed to quarrel with all these businessmen earlier. They were tired of bribes, lawlessness and from being the sponsors of the bottomless barrel of Khokhryakov's needs.

So did Konstantin Dyulgerov, who previously tried to stay away from the political get-together, in his interview directly blamed the regional authorities and local law enforcement for rampant corruption, incredible pressure on business, and their inability to support commercial activities. As a solution to this problem, he called for a change of power and a purge of political elites.

Among other things, Dyulgerov said that he had evidence of widespread corruption, and this definitely is something the authorities would not like on the eve of the important elections. However, there is no hope for a real investigation. These days, the fight against corruption in Nizhnevartovsk is only superficial. The same Khokhryakov and his retinue always had close friends in law enforcement structures of the region, who worked in symbiosis with them. During the pre-election period, Khokhryakov tries his best to remain in the seat of the mayor of Nizhnevartovsk. It is not surprising that representatives of the law enforcement will give him their entire support.

With all this in the background, the fire does not longer seem like an accident. And the ones who started it, apparently, will never be found!