This article was published in April 2014.  It confirms the information about the controversial criminal investigation which is carried out against me. The reason for said investigation are my previous statements which contained scandalous facts revealing corruption in the governmental and law-enforcement structures of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. At the same time, my opponents are trying to give my words a political coloring with the intent to discredit the very essence of what I am trying to say, by claiming that I am allegedly fighting for power myself. But I do not need power, I need justice! An article is below ...

In KhMAO they pressure, burn and accuse the stubborn businessmen

An indicative story in Nizhnevartovsk recieved an unexpected development. In has intertwined the interests of high-ranking politicians and law enforcement officers on the one hand, and local businessman Konstantin Dyulgerov, who claims corruption has permeated the region, on the other.

At the end of the 1990s, the protection racket organized by the siloviki came to replace the ending bandit extortion. Various schemes of putting pressure on business became widely used. Entrepreneurs knew what might happens to those who did not agree to "get under the wing" and refused to pay. In case of refusal, their businesses were destroyed in all possible ways. The things were aggravated by the local authorities who demanded bribes constantly and for everything.

The story started to heat up in 2008 when Konstantin Dyulgerov in his interview to the local newspaper directly blamed the regional authorities and local law enforcement for rampant corruption, incredible pressure on business, and their inability to support commercial activities. As a solution to this problem, he called for a change of power and a purge of political elites. Among other things, Dyulgerov said that he had evidence proving the fact of widespread corruption.

As it became known later in 2008, Dyulgerov has not only decided to reveal the facts of corruption to the public, but also to join the fight against the “protection” imposed on him by high-ranking siloviki Nikolai Brykin (former head of the tax police of KhMAO) and his right hand Gennady Laskin (former head of the tax police of Nizhnevartovsk).

Nizhnevartovsk tax police staff. In the center of the first row: Nikolai Brykin and Gennady Laskin

However, instead of appointed inspections, high-profile arrests and exposures, it was the businessman who got himself a set of problems which continue up to this day. First, they burned his furniture shop, the warehouse and the workshop, causing enormous material damage. After that, because of the constant threats to him and his family, as well as other troubles, he was literally forced to move to another region, but even there they did not leave him alone. The criminal case of an arson remained unsolved and was suspended. It is interesting, that the arsons occurred not only on Konstantin Dyulgerov’s property, but also affected other protesting entrepreneurs, who became a nuisance for the upcoming election of the mayor of Nizhnevartovsk. Those who stood in the way of the main candidate from authorities, Boris Khokhryakov, who had both an administrative resource, and close ties with law enforcement.

At the same time, Dyulgerov was constantly accused of engaging in political activities, with all his statements allegedly made with the aim of discrediting the authorities and motivated only by his political ambitions. It should be noted that Dyulgerov indeed took part in the rallies on Sakharov Square and then at Bolotnaya Street. He indeed expressed his protest and even claimed to be a supporter of Navalny, but he always stressed that his position comes down to a peaceful protest, protection of his rights and expression his opinion as a voter and citizen, but not politician. His support for the opposition ideas, apparently, had a protest nature. Dyulgerov, neither himself nor through a representative, has never participated in an election campaign. Therefore, accusing him of engaging in political struggle is only a cunning way to divert the attention from the questions and problems he is trying to voice.

Today the situation continues to develop in an increasingly harsh scenario not in favor of the businessman. There is a criminal case initiated against Konstantin Dyulgerov, who is charged with major fraud involving large sums of money. He is accused of allegedly trying to steal a share in his own company, with the share strangely happened to be in Sergei Kiryanov hands. The latter, at the same time, turned out to be the son-in-law of the ex-chief of the Nizhnevartovsk tax police Nikolay Brykin.

It seems that somebody is trying to eliminate Dyulgerov by all means, including putting him in jail. And still this more reminds the revenge for revealing a secret and publishing an unwanted information, than political thing or fraud.

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